A Step By Step Guide to Decorating Your Wedding

Step 1: The Colour Scheme: This should be first on your list as the colour palette you choose will be applied to all aspects of your wedding right from invitation cards to the flowers. Notice, we mentioned the term palette. Having a palette in mind will give you a range of colours to choose from. So how do you choose the range? Well, you could start with shades you and your partner personally prefer. If they don’t seem to be going together try basing your colours on the theme of each event. For example a day time event may need to be brightly decorated while an evening dinner may need more subtle shades. Keep in mind that the colour scheme of one function should not overshadow the scheme of another. Adding gold, silver or bronze shades to your palette to add a touch of zing to your wedding day.

Step 2: The Flowers: Every function is going to require flowers. Now that you’ve decided on your colour theme, picking out the flowers will be much easier. The simplest way to pick out your flowers is to go with what’s in season. Done innovatively, flowers can be used to add uniqueness to your wedding. For example some people choose to make floral sculptures and chandeliers. Others step away from the traditional marigolds and use floral curtains at certain spots (such as the entrance). Choose your flowers based on their usage. For example a stage may require taller flowers such as tube roses.

Step 3: The Lighting: Lighting can change the mood, ambience and vibe of your wedding. It is therefore an extremely important aspect to focus on. Before you decide on the kind of lighting you want, find out the kind of lighting that is available and allowed. For example you may want to have a candlelight sit-down meal, but the venue may have rules against using open flames. Similarly, maybe the lighting that is already available is enough for your needs. That apart, do some research on various kinds of lighting. You lighting vendor may make certain suggestions. Make sure you understand exactly what s/he is suggesting. A colour wash for example is a blanket of coloured light. The colour of the wash needs to match your initially decided colour palette.

Step 4: The Stage: Possibly the most photographed area of the entire venue, the stage takes centre-stage when it comes to decorations. The stage usually has just a backdrop and a seat for the couple. Since the couple will be on the stage most of the time, make sure that the backdrop and colours used, don’t clash with the outfits they are wearing. Spend some time choosing the material being used for the backdrop. For example satin drapes can make your wedding look classy and elegant, while a thicker material can be used to give a royal feel. Make sure to select the kind of seat being used as well.

Step 5: The Take-Home: An often neglected aspect of a wedding, is the take-home gift for your guests. If you are planning to give your guests a token, plan it well. This is what they will carry back and use to remember your wedding. If possible customize it for closer friends and family. These days there are plenty of interesting things you can gift – scented candles, honey jars, plant seeds etc. You can customize the gifts by having the couples names engraved on them. Now that you’ve begun thinking about your wedding decorations, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Our in-house wedding decorations team at Discover Resorts will help you ideate, plan and execute every design element you want to include on your big day. Our team of professionals will work with you towards achieving wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Give us a call on +91 9319860099 or write to us at info@discoverresorts.in. We’re also present online with our website discoverresorts.in , our Instagram handle instagram and our Facebook page facebook