Shooting in Maharashtra? Leave Madh Behind

Location, location, location! – Anybody in the filmmaking business doesn’t need to be reminded of the importance of finding a great location. Line producers, location managers, directors and anyone else who has any say in choosing a location, all go to great lengths to find the perfect one. In fact, some even cross the seven seas in search of this elusive location!

What if we told you, what you were looking for was right next door? A location that’s pretty and practical at the same time. A location that fits into your budget, no matter what it may be. And most importantly, a shooting location in Maharashtra that’s not Madh Island nor even Mumbai. We’ve caught your attention, haven’t we? Read on to know more about Maharashtra’s best kept secret shooting location, Discover Resorts, Karjat.

1) Versatility in Settings: On average most video scripts include 2-3 location changes at least, even one for a simple FMCG product. Take a detergent for example. It’s a product that’s only used inside the house but to show its’ effectiveness, somebody has to go out and get dirty. Your shoot location needs to give you variety in settings and backdrops. Discover Resorts, Karjat works very well in regard to versatility in settings.

To begin with we have a beautiful lake pool. This magnificent swimming pool is surrounded by sprawling gardens and has its very own patio. The pool is also heated, so if you plan to make your actors take a dip, they can do so at any time.

Then there is a Tuscan-styled trellis that allows you to play with natural lighting. It’s large enough to accommodate a 100 people and definitely all your equipment as well. To top it off, you can use the natural beauty of the Sahyadri Mountain range which surrounds the resort.

Greens and blue are not the only thing Discover Resorts gives you. There are multiple indoor settings as well. Two large banquet halls, both bigger than 1400sq.ft allow you to make what you want of them. The beautifully designed bedrooms will give you lovely terrace views. And if you need a steamy bathroom scene, we do have stone-enclosed rain showers!

2) Lighting: Even a rookie in the game understands the importance of good lighting. And yes, there will be things you do to enhance the naturally available light. But you need the light to be available to begin with. That’s where a location like Discover Resorts comes into play. No! We haven’t stolen the sun. What we have done is designed the resort in Tuscan style. Which means you get to play with sun-kissed terraces, winding stairways and flower-decked balconies. Can you already imagine your script coming to life?

3) Sound: Discover Resorts is far far away from the hustle-bustle of city life. If you’re alright adding the gush of waterfalls and the rustle of the tree leaves into your video, the sound department will give you an a-okay!

4) Logistics: The devil is in the details they say. And so holds true for a good production and a great film. So what details are we referring too? Let’s take a look.

a. Accessibility: Discover Resorts is just a 2 and a half hour drive from Mumbai airport (86km) and a kilometre away from Neral station. It’s accessible for all your crew members and gives you the choice of multiple modes of transport.

b. Food:No man works on an empty stomach and especially not a film crew. They have standards. And Discover Resorts can cater to these standards. With a fully functional kitchen and expert chefs, you can decide what you would like to feed your crew for any meal, any time.

c. Lodging:A great film requires a well-rested crew. Discover Resorts can accommodate up to 500 residential guests. There’s a variety of rooms to choose from. The largest can accommodate 8 people at a time. Each room comes with a bathtub, balcony and a splendid view.

d. Permits:Shooting on our property requires just one permit – ours!

e. Space:As a crew, each member probably comes with double the amount of equipment. Not to forget vanity vans, generator backups and so on and so forth. We know the kind of space you’ll need and we have it. There’s a huge parking lot for your vehicles and enough rooms to store your lights, cameras and props.

5) To Top It All: How often have you had your actors throwing a fit because their clothes aren’t right or the weather is too warm? What if you had a fool-proof way to placate them immediately? Promising too much, you feel? Far from it. At Discover Resorts there are a number of additional facilities for you to utilize. Sign up your star for a relaxing massage or yoga session or schedule time for an evening bonfire. After all, everybody needs to make work fun.

Most often the largest chunk of a production is usually allocated for the location. At Discover Resorts, you can be sure to get every pennies worth.