Spice Up Your Friday Nights

How does your week usually end? Do you paint the town red and party the night away? Or do you prefer to curl up in bed with a book or a movie? Well no matter what your preferences we at Discover Resorts have a few ways for you to spice up your Friday night plans. Don’t think you need our advice? Why don’t you take a look and then decide?

An Outdoor Movie Marathon: Whether you are a regular party-goer or the stay-at-home kind this idea is going to appeal to you. Its’ one thing to do a movie marathon at home or at a theatre, but to do it in the moonlight makes it a completely different experience. Of course, to do something like this you would need to have the resources and space or instead you could just visit Discover Resorts, Karjat on a Friday night. Our VJ (Video DJ) will give you a line-up of movies that will make the pop-corn taste so much better.

Light a Bonfire: You don’t need to go camping to enjoy some parts of it (though you could if you wanted too). A bonfire is a great way to bond with friends and talk about life, the universe and everything! And for those who don’t want to chat through the night you can sing, dance and roast a few marshmallows. Discover Resorts, Karjat lights a bonfire every Friday night. The best part is, you don’t need to worry about the summer heat because Karjat stays cool all year round.

Karaoke: The true leveller. You could be head of your company and highly successful but when that mic turns on, all hierarchies are forgotten. Now many of you may be shy of singing in front of people you don’t know, and that is why you need to do karaoke at Discover Resorts. Since it will just be you, your friends and a few other resort guests, maybe it’s time you made your voice heard. Karaoke adds a fun twist to your Friday night that everybody across board can enjoy.

Dance in the Moonlight: Most Friday nights people somehow find themselves in a cramped night club, trying not to elbow the person next to them by mistake. Of course this certainly adds ambience to a Friday night party, but every once in a while wouldn’t you want the space to spread your wings and show off your moves? At Discover Resorts our DJ brings the dance floor into the moonlight. So if you’ve been saving up some special moves, Discover Resorts is the place to use them. Like they say, just dance!

Board Game Battles: Do this at home, and most often people assume you are either trying to avoid them or you are trying to avoid spending money. Do it at Discover Resorts, and suddenly you are the party planner in your friends circle. We have an entire arcade-room full of board games and other indoor games like billiards and table tennis. So challenge your friends, family or colleagues to a Friday night of battle.

Climb a Mountain: And no, we are not being hypothetical here. You can actually plan a trek for Friday night. And Discover Resorts, Karjat will help you do it. Explore tunnels, caves, forests and peaks in pitch darkness. The Sahyadri Range is a trekker’s paradise and there are trekking routes for every difficulty level from beginner to expert.

Have a Pool Side Party: The best way to spice up your Friday night party is to add a huge lake pool as a backdrop! The best place to do that is at Discover Resorts, Karjat.

So come to Discover Resorts on Friday nights and dip your toes in the water or dive-into our heated pool!

As you can see there’s much to do at Discover Resorts on Friday night. However, as with any other successful weekend plan the basic rule applies i.e. - The more the merrier. Discover Resorts is the perfect destination for you to bring along a large group of friends, family or colleagues. In fact we have a number of corporate group offers as well. So, aren’t you glad you took our advice? Book soon, Friday is just around the corner.