Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Corporate Event Venue

1. The Setting: What kind of event are you planning for? Is it a series of seminars? Is it a product launch? Is it a team-bonding exercise? You first need to ask yourself a few questions about your event. What time will you be hosting it (day/night)? Will it need an indoor setting, outdoor setting, a stage, a conference setting or something else altogether? Once you have a basic idea of the setting you require, you can begin looking for your venue. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and choose a venue like Discover Resorts, which provides multiple settings.

2. Resource Person: You may know exactly what you want and how you need to implement it. However, it always helps to have an expert on-board. A venue that has an in-house corporate trainer will not only help you execute your vision but also enhance your experience. An in-house resource has the added home-turf advantage. Like at Discover Resorts, if your venue provides such a person, you can rest-assured your event will be extremely beneficial.

3. The Location: While the hallmark of a good venue is its accessibility, that’s not the only factor to take into consideration. Yes, a corporate event venue must be reachable for your attendees. If you have delegates from out of town, you need to make sure there are transportation options from the airport/station to your venue. Similarly there should be transportation options for the local guests as well. However, it’s not just about getting there. A good corporate event venue, needs to feel welcoming. It needs to appear different from every other venue your guests may have visited. It needs to have an edge over the rest. Perhaps it could be surrounded by trees, waterfalls and natural beauty like Discover Resorts?

4. The Layout: The overall arrangement of space at the venue needs to be conducive to your itinerary. You may plan to hold a seminar followed by a high tea or outdoor activities followed by a group discussion. Does your venue allow for everything you have planned? Is there something else you need and can your venue adapt to your requirements? Can the room layout be changed if required? Before finalizing your venue, you must get a lay of the land. At Discover Resorts for instance you can choose from multiple settings that allow for different layouts. There are the lawns, the pool, the trellis, the conference rooms and so much more!

5. Capacity: How many people can the venue comfortably accommodate? This question is rather pertinent. It takes into consideration two aspects. The first, is the capacity. Generally, it is advisable to get a venue that can accommodate at least 20 people more than what you have planned for. The second aspect is the layout of the hall/room/or area within the venue that you plan to use. Often venues with the same capacity may feel larger or smaller depending on how they are spread out. For example, accommodating people for a lecture is quite different from accommodating them for a sit-down meal. Your guests need to be able to move around freely. In one of our conference rooms at Discover Resorts for example, you can seat 80people in what is called a cluster style. Change the seating arrangement a bit and now you can host 250 people in the same space! And the resort itself can host up to 500 residential guests.

6. Acoustics & Equipment: At your event, you will need to speak to large audiences. Everybody should be able to hear you clearly right from the front row to the very last. Test the way sound travels in the space you have chosen. Also check on what equipment the venue is willing to provide and what you will have to bring yourself. Most often you would probably need a projector screen, an internet connection, microphones and speakers. A venue like Discover Resorts takes care of all your technical requirements and even gives you a technical person at your disposal throughout your event.

7. Over & Above: Does the venue have valet parking? Does it provide in-house catering? Does it allow you to put up sponsorship branding and signage? Will your guests stay the night and will your venue be able to handle it? These are just a few other aspects to look at. The main question you need to ask yourself is what additional services does your venue provide that will enhance your corporate event? At Discover Resorts for example, our in-house professional corporate trainer will help design a range activities tailored to your needs. We have the facility for friendly games, outdoor hikes, group yoga sessions or even all-night parties. A corporate event at Discover Resorts will definitely be over and above anything you’ve experienced before.

Take your time and choose your venue wisely as it can make all the difference to the success of your event. And until you decide, why not take a look at Discover Resorts? Give us a call on +91 9319860099 or write to us at info@discoverresorts.in We’re also present online with our website http://www.discoverresorts.in/ , our Instagram handle instagram and our Facebook page facebook After all, don’t you still want to ‘wow’ your guests?